Thank You

cropped-sdc11122.jpgThank you for reading The Morning Drive. Thank you for the comments here and on Facebook. Thank you for allowing me to share my driving thoughts with you and for passing them along to others.

As I wrap up the year in blogging – I am taking a break next week – I wanted to share with you what you read the most.  Listed below are the top ten most viewed blogs I wrote this year. Four of the ten were about Charles’ fight with cancer and his ultimate victory when the fight ended. Thank you for letting me share my emotions with you during that difficult five months.

10. Avoidance Plan – A post about strengthening our marriages.

9. The Reason Why – A post about why things may or may not happen in our lives.

8. Why Don’t You . . .? – A post about alcohol.

7. An Open Letter to Our Son – I coined a phrase in this one.

6. I am not Sorry – Thank you for allowing me to talk about politics.  I am still not sorry for what I said.

5. This is for Charles – An emotional post and song for Charles.

4. Sideways – I share my emotions after learning about Charles’ seizures and tumor.

3. Vertical – We learned that Charles’ tumor was malignant. We turned to God.

2. Off Target – Target stores published a policy that infuriated many. I used their policy to remind us what our focus as Christians is about.

And  the number one post of 2016 – 1. Losing the Battle – Charles may have lost the battle to cancer, but Christ wins the war.

I will have couple of more posts and at least one more list as I close out the year.  Keep reading, and thank you again for letting me share the thoughts that drive me.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Hi Scott thank you also for all your inspiring writings! Continue to write more, there are millions out there that you have been encouraging the past years, and that includes me.
    Happy Holidays!

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