This is for Charles

This is a very personal post. This is for Charles.


Charles loved to sing. I loved when we could worship together and harmonize. His tenor / baritone and my bass voice blending together on old and new songs, hymns, and spiritual songs is one thing I will truly miss. One of the last times we talked he told me the thing he missed most, the thing that cancer had taken from him was the ability to lead songs of praise in worship.

But he loved more than church songs. He loved to sing.  In the mid-nineties Charles and I sat at a keyboard that had drum effects and single finger chording and recorded our own mix of The Beatles song, Help! Think two Caucasians trying to sound like RunDMC. It was fun, but I hope there remains no recording of that song.  If there is one, I will pay to have it locked away for ever!

Charles loved when I posted songs and videos on this blog. So in his honor, I recorded one specifically for him.


4 thoughts on “This is for Charles

  1. Scott I know Charles is singing right along with you. He climbed that mountain as high as he could and that is when God climbed to meet him. He didn’t climb alone. Ray and I love you all. God bless you all

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