Favorite Posts of 2016

20120308-200923.jpgTuesday, I shared your favorite posts from 2016. The ones more of you read and shared than any others.  Today, I went back through my posts and I am sharing the ones that were my five personal favorites.

In no particular order . . .

Scott’s Top Five:

  1. Teach Your Children Well: What we as parents teach our children is important.
  2. How Did That Happen?: A strange event lead to some thoughts about our role as Christians.
  3. Why Baptism Isn’t Something You Do: This title may sound strange coming from a minister with the churches of Christ, but don’t judge me until you read the entire post.
  4. Stay Positive: This is a recurring theme in my life.
  5. This last post was one of the most difficult to write and to post, but We (still) Need to Talk.

Thank you again and again for reading.  I may post againg before 2017, but if I do not see you, “Hap-Mer-py-ry Holi-Christ-days-mas and a Happy New Year.”


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