I am a minister with the Central Church of Christ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I collect old things; like the books in the photograph that serves as the header on this blog.  Those are some of my books and as a preacher most of my old books have to do with the Bible, church history, or a field of study associated with preaching. If you want to unload a few books, let me know. I spend my time in study, prayer, and reading. Outside of that most of my time goes to my family.  I play the guitar — that is to say I know a few chords and can fake others. This blog began as an outlet to express the thoughts that drive me, a lot of those thoughts get extra attention as I drive to my study each morning, thus the original title: “The Morning Drive.”

Much is different since that first blog post in 2009, ten years is a long time. I don’t write every day. My schedule is different. My son is an adult now and I don’t walk him to school. So a rebranding is due. So staring in January 2019, The Morning Drive will have a new focus and a new name. Stay tuned.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and for the comments that you leave to challenge and encourage me.  I pray my writings will do the same for you.

– Scott

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Again, I want to thank you for the great job you are doing for the Lord through your blog (I am sure you are doing well for the Lord in other places as well, but it is your blog that is so helpful to me.
    Have used your blog on “Sad verses” as a springboard for sermons at South Cobb.
    And will use this as a springboard for prayer this next Sunday afternoon.
    Thank you again
    Tommy Tidwell
    South Cobb Church of Christ!

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