Yesterday © B. Scott McCown, Feb 2, 2017 Yesterday I carried my sin on my shoulder. Yesterday my burden was my own. Yesterday my guilt was a heavy load. Yesterday I thought I was all alone. ************************ But that was my yesterday, Today the sun shines bright. Today the clouds have parted, As I see … Continue reading Yesterday

Broken and Empty

Broken and Empty © B. Scott McCown January 12, 2017 ***************************** I come before You broken, Please heal me. I come before You empty, Please fill me. ***************************** I come before You stained, Please cleanse me. I come before You a sinner, Please forgive me. ****************************** I come before You, just as I am Praying … Continue reading Broken and Empty

OMG! Again

I first wrote and published the following poem in 2011. I am reblogging this poem because I am hearing this phrase more and more. OMG! © Scott McCown March 7, 2011 "Oh my God," the psalmist declares, Composing praise to Thee. "O my God," the texter shares, Abbreviated OMG. "Oh my God," the lyricist penned, "I … Continue reading OMG! Again