Friday is for Praise

Forever I Praise

B. Scott McCown – January 14, 2016


Forever I praise You;

Father of Light.

For Your creation, Your love,

And all that is right.

Your blessings and grace

Salvation – my weakness despite;

The blood of Your Begotten

Cleansing me in Your sight.

Forever I praise You;

Messiah, Son of God Most High,

For the gift of Your blood,

My sin You pass by.

Your Word convicts and compels me;

To Your will I comply.

I’ll join You in Glory

In the great by and by.

Forever I praise You

Oh, Spirit Divine.

Help me my spirit,

With You to align.

Give words to my prayers when

For comfort I pine,

‘Til in heaven I rest and

At God’s table recline.

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