One Week

one-weekDear Lord, today is Sunday,
A day that’s dear to me.
And we gather with Your Church,
So each your Grace may see.

Dear Lord, today is Monday,
A long week starts anew.
At work, or school, or at home,
Let our focus be You.

Dear Lord, today is Tuesday,
Another day to serve.
To see Your kingdom growing,
As we go out with verve.

Lord, today is Wednesday,
The middle of our week.
May we pause with gladness,
Your blessings in life seek.

Dear Lord, today is Thursday,
The work week nearly past.
Help us truly know and see,
The blessings we’ve amassed.

Dear Lord, today is Friday,
The weekends almost here.
Give us strength to conquer,
Our sin, our pride, our fear.

Lord, today is Saturday,
Your comfort we do seek.
To help us and to guide us,
In strength when we are weak.

© B. Scott McCown, October 24, 2016

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