Broken and Empty

broken-and-emptyBroken and Empty

© B. Scott McCown January 12, 2017


I come before You broken,

Please heal me.

I come before You empty,

Please fill me.


I come before You stained,

Please cleanse me.

I come before You a sinner,

Please forgive me.


I come before You, just as I am

Praying for Your loving, merciful, gracious hand

To lead me to a better place, to a higher land.


I come with nothing to offer You

No strength, no talent, no power of my own.

But in weakness and meekness before You I come

Seeking the strength and forgiveness from You and in You alone.


I came before You broken and empty,

You healed me and filled my life.

I came before stained with sin,

You cleansed and forgave me by Your blood giving Your life.


Thank You!

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