OMG! Again

I first wrote and published the following poem in 2011. I am reblogging this poem because I am hearing this phrase more and more.


© Scott McCown March 7, 2011

“Oh my God,” the psalmist declares,

Composing praise to Thee.

“O my God,” the texter shares,

Abbreviated OMG.

“Oh my God,” the lyricist penned,

“I put my trust in Thee.”

“Oh my God,” the man exclaimed,

“Can you believe what happened to me?’

“Oh my God,” the apostle told

Of the Savior that set him free.

“Oh my God,” said the child not that old,

Did he hear it from you or me?

“Oh my God,” the Savior did say,

“Why have You forsaken me?”

“Oh my God,” we flippantly bray,

Not really, praying to Thee.

Friends, fellow Children of God, I share this hoping that you and I will think before we text, post, or speak and be sure that we are not using the name of God vainly.

– Scott

2 thoughts on “OMG! Again

  1. Thank you Scott. I hear this so much through out everyday and even in the church. I have tried carefully to say do you know what you just said. I am sharing this so others can read and maybe understand

    • Dianne,

      Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for trying to help others improve their communication. Somehow we (all of us) tend to get lazy in our efforts to walk in the light and be a shining example of Christ in the world. This tendency reveals itself in the way we dress, what we choose as entertainment, the things we say (or text), and in many other ways. We must be on guard against Satan’s influence on our lives.

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