Going Home

I made a few extra trips home this summer because of Charles' battle with a malignant brain tumor, his death, and funeral. We wanted to spend as much time with family and at home as we could. We hoped for more time and were planning our next big family get together when Charles took his final … Continue reading Going Home


Recent events have turned my world sideways. Not stopped or upside-down, but sideways. As a minister I am no stranger to destruction or disease. I have consoled many through tough times. I have personally  faced them on occasion. But the passed few days grabbed my attention. I would start with the current political situation in … Continue reading Sideways

Why Does the Church Meet? Should I Go?

Why Does the Church Meet?Many NT passages refer to churches assembling together for regular worship. The word translated church (Ekklesia) means called-out or assembled. Just by definition I cannot be a part of a called-out, an assembly if I am not there. But why is assembling important? Why do I need to attend assemblies?We Assemble … Continue reading Why Does the Church Meet? Should I Go?