Going Home

I made a few extra trips home this summer because of Charles’ battle with a malignant 11679_577499380780_199773113_nbrain tumor, his death, and funeral. We wanted to spend as much time with family and at home as we could. We hoped for more time and were planning our next big family get together when Charles took his final trip to the hospital. I thought a lot about these trip and especially Charles as I prepared a lesson at Central about Going Home.


Even though my parents do not live in the house they raised us in, their house is still home.  I suppose every healthy family feels the same.

Home – Going Home.

There is something wonderfully sweet about thoughts of home. Maybe the people, maybe the food, maybe the history or stories, maybe because most of us feel that “home” is where we belong.

Going Home.

That was the title of the lesson for our LIFE Groups and our Sunday evening message yesterday. The video below is the lesson I posted for the LIFE Groups to use:


Home! Are you preparing for an Eternal Home with God?


2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Scott as I listened to your video this morning it brought many memories of my HOME. As my sister and I care for mom now memories of GOING HOME. I think about mom’s cornbread dressing and coconut pies and family all gathering in mom and dad’s home. Our children and sisters children would all gather at their house in Selma every Thanksgiving. Last two years we can no longer do that but as much as I miss those times I still have those memories of HOME.
    I know God has a much better Home for all of us. I wait for that day where there will be no more pain, hatred, political back stabbing, but eternal LOVE. THAT is HOME and love.
    Thank you Scott for this reminder

    • In our small group last night we talked about the joys of going of home. Food and games were common theme, but at the heart of all the memories and the games was on simple truth – being together. Your comments are on the same track.

      What great memories.

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