Faith of our Fathers


A sweet lady at Central stopped by a gift store that was going out of business and found this figurine on sale. She bought it as a gift for me, saying that she thought I would like it.

Boy do I like it!  It is on my desk as I write.

When I look at it I think of my dad as an active member of the church my parents raised me in and that they still attend. Through the years he was a Bible class teacher, deacon, elder, interpreter for the deaf, and at one point treasurer. He still teaches class and serves as an elder.

When I look at this figuring I think of my maternal grandfather. He too was active in church. He never served as an elder, but was a teacher and leader in many other ways.  I loved sitting with Nanny and Paw-Paw at worship.

I think of my two brothers, both raising girls (although one of them has adult children now). I think of them sitting with their children in worship and singing beside them. Both of them are capable song leaders and Bible class teachers. One has served as a deacon, treasurer, and now as an elder. Both have filled pulpits on occasion. One worked for an Christian apologetics publishing company and has credit for layout and design in a few of their more popular books.

I hope when my son sees this he thinks of me. I know I think of him. He will be a Sophomore at Faulkner University this Fall term and his mother and I are proud of the young man he is. I think of all the times of worship when we sat together, prayed together, and sang together. I think of how I used to help him find Bible passages, hymn numbers, or when I showed him the basics learning to sing.

I hope when you look at that picture there is a father, grandfather, uncle, or church member you think of that took time to teach you faith. I pray that there is a young man or young woman who will think of you.

” . . . bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4


2 thoughts on “Faith of our Fathers

  1. Great article about your family, I always enjoyed speaking with your father when they visiited us at Parrish. Andrew had grown up to be a fine young man and you and Amy are right to be proud of him. I remember when he sat with me while he learned to use the computer for church services and when he took over that position which was taking an active part in service. Yes Scott you have much to be thankful for.

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