What is the Church?

From a purely doctrinal and linguistic point of view, the church is those called out by God. The word translated church is a word describing a group of purposefully assembled people. But that is not the answer I wanted to share to today’s question.

What is the Church?

According to the writers of the New Covenant as guided by the Holy Spirit the Church is:photo

  • The Bride of Christ – Eph 5:32
  • The Household of God – 1 Tim 3:15
  • The Body of Christ – Col 1:22-23
  • The present Kingdom – Mat 16:18; Col 1:13

Yet, there is more to the concept of the church. The church is:

  1. People who belong to (are in) Christ.
  2. People who stand saved by Grace through Faith.
  3. Imperfect people trying to glorify a perfect God.
  4. Worshippers of the God of Salvation.
  5. Sinners Anonymous – well not so anonymous come to think of it.
  6. People who encourage each other and receive encouragement – Heb 3:13.
  7. People of Prayer
  8. People committed to Christ and His mission – Luk 19:10.

Are you in His Church?

– Scott

4 thoughts on “What is the Church?

  1. Hello Scott, This was my Sunday sermon topic. I am doing a series. Defining the Word that Define our Faith, Have you read Andy Stanley’s book Deep and Wide. I enjoyed the section where he defined the church. He went back and looked at the word the same way we explain Baptizo and Baptism.

    I enjoy your posts. Had lunch with your Brother Sunday and we were talking about you and your lovely lady.

  2. Took pencil an paper and wrote what you just said. Now to write in a notebook I bought to learn more. This is an excellent article, I needed and am sure more people need. Thanks for giving us so much to think about.

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