Breakfast of Ministers or Lessons from WH

Wheaties may be the breakfast of champions, but for Will Sharp, J Hall, and I that honor belongs to Waffle House.

Sometime in the last year, we began meeting every Tuesday at Waffle House for breakfast.waffle-house-near-me  We take this time to talk about anything, but especially the work at Central.  Will is the Campus Minister for Tide For Christ, J is the Youth Minister at Central, and they let this older Preacher tag along.

This morning, we realized that we have arrived. Ms. Frances, our server, was already getting our coffee ready as we walked to the booth. She said good morning and J answered for calling her by name. We had not yet sat down when the short order cook, asked Frances if we each wanted the single waffle and scrambled egg combo. They know us well!

As we were eating, I thought about how we as Christians should know each other. Ms. Frances has taken the time to make us feel at home when we are at Waffle House.

  • Do we take the time to make other Christians at home when we assemble for worship?
  • Do we get arrive early enough to talk to other Christians and greet guests?
  • Do we stay after the last “amen” in order to spend time with even more of our brothers and sisters in Christ?


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