The Greatest Job

I hear people complain about their jobs. They talk about their co-workers, their boss(es), bennetmanagement, governmental interference, regulations, restrictions, paychecks, insurance, taxes. The list goes on and on. I hear preachers complain about churches, elders, members, pay, hours, taxes, unwritten expectations, etc.

My first paid ministry position was an internship in Calhoun, Georgia the summer of 1986. After that I worked part-time with Pine Street Church of Christ in Bay Minette, Alabama until graduating with a degree in Bible from Faulkner University. Since then I have held four fulltime ministry positions in three congregations. In these thirty years, there were times when things were not going my way and there were lean financial years when I began – but that is true of any career. But looking back, I can honestly say, “I have the greatest job in the world!’

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. I have the privilege of spending the day in God’s Word.
  2. I have the honor and responsibility to share what I learn from God’s Word with others.
  3. I have  and have had great co-workers (other ministers and church secretaries) who genuinely care for each other and help each other succeed.
  4. I have elders who watch out for my soul and encourage me.
  5. I get to meet and often hold new-born babies welcoming them to the world and congratulating their parents.
  6. I get to watch these babies grow up.
  7. I watch or assist young people as they obey the gospel! ( I witnessed two obey the gospel yesterday evening.)
  8. I have performed or had a part in many weddings.
  9. I get to sit with families during good times and difficult times.
  10. I have the honor of being asked to be with families during the difficulty of death.
  11. I get to talk during worship.
  12. During difficult times in my life the Church has been there for me in more ways than I can list.
  13. I serve the greatest people on earth – God’s people!

Preaching is the greatest job on earth!


5 thoughts on “The Greatest Job

  1. You, Scott, are the only minister who has said you had the greatest job on earth. Thank you, that makes me admire you that much more for your honesty.

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