The Greatest Job

I hear people complain about their jobs. They talk about their co-workers, their boss(es), management, governmental interference, regulations, restrictions, paychecks, insurance, taxes. The list goes on and on. I hear preachers complain about churches, elders, members, pay, hours, taxes, unwritten expectations, etc. My first paid ministry position was an internship in Calhoun, Georgia the summer … Continue reading The Greatest Job

Are We Teaching How They Learn?

Education professionals divide learners into three basic learning styles. 1) Auditory Learners. These people learn from listening to lectures or presentations in class. They may take notes, but learn mostly from what they hear. You can give these people verbal directions to a destination and they remember those directions. 2) Visual Learners. This group learns … Continue reading Are We Teaching How They Learn?

What is Ministry?

Here is my second offering on the subject of ministry.  Again, comments and suggestions are welcome, encouraged even. We ask: What is Ministry? With last week's working definition of a minister in hand, the next logical step is to define the role a minister plays.  This chapter solidifies our model of ministry that develops from … Continue reading What is Ministry?