The Greatest Job

I hear people complain about their jobs. They talk about their co-workers, their boss(es), management, governmental interference, regulations, restrictions, paychecks, insurance, taxes. The list goes on and on. I hear preachers complain about churches, elders, members, pay, hours, taxes, unwritten expectations, etc. My first paid ministry position was an internship in Calhoun, Georgia the summer … Continue reading The Greatest Job

Good Church Leaders and Ministers

A few years ago I shared an adaptation of what education author Todd Whitaker writes in “What Great Teachers Do Differently” {2nd Edition (Larchmont, NY:Eye on Eye Education) 2012}, applying it to parents as their child’s first and primary teacher.  Specifically chapter 11 where Whitaker discusses how good teachers repair relationships with students.  I thought about that blog this morning and considered … Continue reading Good Church Leaders and Ministers