What Happened to Peace

This post is cathartic. Who am I kidding? Much of what I write is to help me think through

and work through my emotions and to improve my walk with God.

Sometimes, life hits hard. My brother’s diagnosis of cancer and his passing last week are a major blow. I know he has relief from cancer’s pain and the problems of earth now. That is comforting. But the gut-punch still hurts.

Then yesterday, a young man who was friends with many at Parrish Church of Christ – where I was minister for 15 years – died defending his home and trying to identify those whom he caught robbing him. Lyle was a teenager when I moved to Parrish. He often worshipped with the Church at Parrish. I loved seeing him, Beth and their baby – small child now. His affectionate nickname was Big Guy. He was big; at least 6’4″ and strong. He used that nickname in his business as owner of Big Guy’s Tires. He worked hard to provide for his young family. Now he is gone.

A violent death. The alleged thieves, shot into his truck as he tried to at the very least identify them to law enforcement. The alleged thieves crashed their own truck not far from where Lyle was shot. Within minutes Sheriff Deputies found one of them still in their truck and a K-9 Unit found the other hiding in the woods not far from the scene.

Life hits hard!

What happened to peace? What happened to the brotherhood of mankind? Where has the sanctity of life gone? Did we every really have it?

I know where to find it. It being “peace that passes understanding.” Peace is in the “Prince of peace.” Peace with man starts with peace with God. Peace started with God and now peace on earth begins with me. Will you pledge to join me?


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