Breaking Out

Yesterday afternoon, Amy and I went with J and Hannah Hall, Mark and Julia Smallwood, Chris and Chandra Clark, one college student, and about 10 youth group members to Breakout Tuscaloosa. If you are not familiar with Breakout it is a game house where you and up to seven friends are locked in a room … Continue reading Breaking Out

Teamwork, Basketball, the Church, and the Body

There are a number of great sports in the world some claiming to be national sports to particular countries or regions. Personally of all the sports that we participate in in the United States, none is more truly American and worthy of our participation than that uniquely Canadian-American designed game created by Presbyterian Minister, teacher, … Continue reading Teamwork, Basketball, the Church, and the Body

The Last Line

The proverb says, "he who laughs last, laughs best."  Actor and comedian, Del Close must have believed those lines.  According to the BRI (Bathroom Reader Institute), a source of much trivial knowledge, Mr. Close played the role of Polonius in productions of Hamlet.  Polonius is the father of Ophelia and the chief counselor of the King. His … Continue reading The Last Line