Preaching.  That is what I do.

Preacher. That is what I am.

I first began serving in ministry during the summer of 1986 as an intern in Calhoun, GA. I followed that with a worship leader role in Montgomery for a few months until, I began working with a church in Bay Minette, AL. After graduation from Faulkner University (c/o 1989), I began my first fulltime work in Niceville, FL. In 1999 I began working with the Church in Parrish, AL. and then in 2014, I began working with Central in Tuscaloosa.

Thirty years. I find it very difficult to comprehend how thirty years can pass so quickly.

Thirty years.  How times have changed in these three decades. Culture changed, technology changed, churches changes, ministry changed, and preaching has changed.

The message is still the same, but my delivery and tone has changed. Maybe I am mellowing. Maybe society is forcing me to be more gentle in my approach.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Some of this change came almost naturally. Some of this change is from the influence of ministers I have known and know. And some of this change is purposeful as I read books about communication, preaching, churches, and ministry.

I watched a video on preaching just this morning that reminded me of my need as a preacher to be sincere yet kind; to be true to the text yet gentle. If you are a minister, I recommend watching this video and others in the series Ministers and Mocha. You will laugh and learn with each video.

I want to share something this morning’s guest, Dan Winkler, shared about the honor of preaching.  There are three things we have as a goal when speak God’s Word:

  1. Change minds.
  2. Touch hearts.
  3. Alter the destiny of a soul.

Keep preaching.


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