Expatriate Patriotism

always-rememberSunday is an anniversary of an event that momentarily changed the United States. Most, if not all of us, who were alive and aware that day fifteen years ago will always remember the Eleventh of September.

The images are forever implanted in our minds eye. We still see the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center being struck by passenger planes. We recall the panic of people on the street running from the destruction as the towers collapsed. We know where we were and what we were doing on that Tuesday morning. I was driving to minister’s breakfast and listening to the events unfold on the radio. I had a “War of the World” moment thinking that this was a hoax, the horror was surreal. When I arrived at the breakfast the entire restaurant, employees, owners, and patrons were watching the news. No one said a word, until one of the older preachers suggested we pray.

Pray we did.

For the next few weeks, months, and even years patriotism ran high in our country. Flags flew, ribbons and bunting adorned homes and businesses. Everyone stood for the National Anthem and Congress gathered on steps and sang God Bless America. We were for a moment proud of our country, defending our freedoms, and pulling together.


Love and devotion for one’s country of birth. Love for patrios – of one’s father – one’s fatherland.

Patriotism is not unique to the United States. All nations have patriots, citizens who love their country.

But I am an expatriate.

Although I live in the United States and even though both my paternal and maternal ancestry have branches going back to colonial days and one branch to the 1600’s, as well as some Native America ancestry (although it is just a trace), The United States is not my fatherland. My Fatherland is where my Father is. My citizenship is in Heaven and I am a resident of the Kingdom of Christ – His Church.

  • As a patriot of the Kingdom, I love the Church. “Honor all people, Love the brotherhood, Fear God, Honor the king.” (1 Pet 2:17).
  • As a patriot of the Kingdom, I am honored to serve the Church. ” . . . strive to excel in building up the church.” (1 Cor 14:12b)
  • As a patriot of the Kingdom, I defend Her. Paul was imprisoned for defending the gospel (Phil 1:16) I too should stand ready to defend the Church (1 Pet 3:15).

Will you stand with me against the enemies of Freedom in Christ?

Will you join us as we wage war not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness and sin?

Will you be a patriot of Heaven?


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