Something reminded me of him today.  A couple of things actually.  First, I am taking a winter coat that belonged to him to the cleaners today and then I saw his favorite soft drink – Diet Rite Pure Zero.  I do not think he would mind if I told you what I know of his story.

His parents raised him in a Christian home, he was active as a teenager leading prayer and occasionally leading a singing.  But somewhere in his young adult life, he left his home, his physical family, his spiritual family, and the Lord.  He became worldly.  He became one with the world and all that is in the world.  For nearly 30 years, his lifestyle was nothing like the life his parents or the Word of God taught.

I first met him years ago while he was still living like the world.  He was cordial, but not friendly toward me.  I was, afterall, the preacher where many of his family members attended and represented the life he left.  Through the years, when our paths crossed, he would speak, but he would not allow a conversation to last long enough for me to mention Christ or the church.  That is until about two years ago when he came to a Wednesday Bible Class and then at every assembly on Sunday.

After a few services, he was excited to talk with me.  He knew his life was not right and he wanted to change. Not many weeks later, he stood before the congregation and confessed his sinful life and desire to be right with God.  Soon, I grew to dearly love and appreciate him.  His wit, his insight, and his experiences brought life to our Bible Classes.  The prayers he prayed came from a heart that knew the forgiveness of a compassionate God and Savior.  When he publicly read scripture, those listening could tell he was spending more and more time with His Lord.  Life was getting better until tragedy hit hard.

A few months ago his health took a turn for the worse.  His heart and lungs gave out and I lost a friend and a brother in Christ on this side of eternity.  I miss him today.  I look forward to a glad reunion in Christ.

– Scott

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