Is Jesus Enough?

Our lives are busy with family responsibilities, with work responsibilities, with recreation and vacation, with all the things we have to do and want to do. Some of us are burning the proverbial candle not only at both ends, but found a way to light the middle as well. There are only twenty-four hours in the day and seemingly most have forty hours of work to do. There are only seven days in a week and we need eleven, just to catch up. Where does Jesus fit in? Is there room for Christ?

Where does Christ fit in?

Paul explains to the Corinthians why he preached the way he did. He tells them in so many words, that he did not use philosophy, academics, rhetorical methodologies, or other tools of the speaking trade to persuade them. What was important to Paul was the message. His content was what drew people to God, not how he said it. The only important thing was his message. “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (1 Cor 2:2).

I wonder . . .

I wonder not only about my message, but I also wonder about the way we “do church” and I wonder about my life as a whole. Is Jesus enough? Is my life wholly about Christ?

What if all you had was Jesus?

  • What if where I worshipped did not have a projector, hymnals, or padded seats and we sat on hard benches or a dirt floor: Would Jesus be enough?
  • What if we had no HVAC or public address system, but only message about Jesus: Would that be enough?
  • What if we talked not about our health, jobs, teams, grandchildren, or politics, but only about Jesus?
  • What if we spent time talking with each other about what Christ does in our lives?
  • What if we spent thirty minutes in intercessory prayer for each other?
  • What if we spent time meditating on scriptures so we could be more like Jesus?
  • What if we were not so busy making a name for ourselves, but more concerned about Jesus.
  • Is Jesus enough?

Is Jesus enough?

— Scott

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