An Open Letter to the United States of America

An Open Letter to TheAn Open Letter to The United States of America
November 7, 2018

Dear USA,

Now that mid-term elections are over, I am asking all citizens of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and political leanings as well as all members of congress, state legislators, justices and judges of all levels, governors, the President, and the media to celebrate our Republic and to get to work to address real issues and stop the infighting.

Our nation is better than this. Our nation can do great things no matter who holds what office.

Voters, will you agree to hold our elected officials accountable to truly represent our nation and her citizens and not special interest groups and lobbyists? Remember our government is for us and by us, the people. We are the ruling class – not the rich, not the special interests, and not the lobbyists.

Let us return to compassion and care for all our citizens, let us work with the international community to help refugees (we cannot do it alone), let us work toward security for all within our borders, let us fight for the health of our people.

Can we find a way to support the true heroes of our land, the first responders, the teachers, the nurses, the blue collar workers, and stop making heroes of those with physical agility to throw, hit, kick, or catch a ball or puck? Can we remind entertainers that they are just jesters and thespians on a stage or screen? Can we remind politicians that they are there for us and our well-being?

Thank you for listening.


– Scott

p.s. I posted this on my Facebook account last night. The more I thought about it, the more I thought I would share it with those that do not follow me on FB, but do follow The Morning Drive.

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