Honoring Heroes

IMG_0904Heroes come in many different forms. Some wear uniforms: military, paramedic, police officers, firefighters, doctors, and nurses. Some of them live among us and often go unnoticed. These are what many commonly call “unsung heroes.”

Romans 13:7 partially reads, “Pay to all what is owed to them: . . . honor to whom honor is owed.” Please, permit me to honor a few of my “unsung heroes” by name:

  • Mrs. Farley, (Kindergarten – Escambia Christian School, Pensacola, FL)
  • Miss Simon, (1st Grade – ECS)
  • Miss Lagrone (Mrs. Johnson), (2nd Grade – ECS)
  • Mrs. Ellis,  (3rd Grade – ECS)
  • Mrs. Nelson, (4th Grade – Sherwood Elementary, Pensacola, FL)
  • Mrs. Gulsby, (5th Grade – ECS)
  • Mrs. Sprague, (6-8th Grade English – ECS)
  • Mrs. Reynolds, (6-8th Grade Science/Math – ECS)
  • Mr. (a.k.a. Coach) Akers, (6-8th Grade History / Bible – ECS)
  • Mrs. Gibson, (9-12th Grade Chorus / Music – Pine Forest High School, Pensacola, FL)
  • Mrs. Livingston (11th Grade English / English Lit – PFHS)
  • Mrs. Crumpton, (12th Grade English / American Lit – PFHS)
  • Mrs. Payne, (Algebra I, II – PFHS)
  • Mrs. Hill, (Anatomy and Physiology – PFHS)

Thank you for your patient endurance. Thank you for the hours you spent preparing lessons, teaching those lessons, and making sure your students were comprehending those lessons to the best of their abilities. Thank you for challenging us to do our best. During the time I had you for a teacher, I probably complained about the work (especially in High School), please forgive me. My friends and I talked about you and what we considered to be unrealistic expectations, again I ask for your forgiveness. I know now that you knew that, but you were not a teacher because you wanted to be popular, you taught to make a difference. Neither did you teach for the salary, it was not high enough. You taught to train the next generation.


To my readers who are currently teachers I say thank you. You may not be my teacher, but you are training the next generation of doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, CEOs, police, firefighters, preachers, teachers, military personnel, Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, factory workers, and . . . well . . .  everyone who does anything.

You are our nation’s and the world’s unsung heroes. We can never thank you enough. Maybe one day we will show you the appreciation you deserve. Maybe one day we will realize that without you the rest of us would be nothing and that we will compensate you accordingly. Again, I say “Thank you!”

– Scott

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