Church Shopping?!

What are you looking for_I heard that phrase this morning. I don’t like that phrase. Church shopping makes church sound like a consumer product. If I put out a good product, better than another product, I will have more attendees which means more hands to do the work offering the opportunity to do more work. I can also see how some can take that idea and think churches are “selling” the gospel.

Did I tell you that I do not like the phrase, “church shopping?”

I get it. I know what people mean by that phrase. They are looking for a church to call home. They are looking for a place where they fit in. But do we have to call it shopping?

I get it. I talk about Central as a forever family. I try to let people know about all the good things going on here, from CCM (Central Children’s Ministry), CYM (Central Youth Ministry), Tide4Christ (Campus Ministry), Young At Heart, Women’s Class, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Bible Talk, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Bible Classes, LIFE Groups, Care Groups, Project Care, Missions, Walk4Water, Fall Festival, Vacation Bible School, Victory Village . . . I could go on and do. Maybe I am a walking contradiction.

But “church shopping?” I guess what I want to know is what are Christians and non-Christians (the unchurched) looking for when they are church shopping.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

In the mean time, let me suggest a way to decide on a church home. I think we should ask these questions:

  1. What does God want the church to be and to teach?
  2. Does this church follow God’s plan?
  3. Can I grow spiritually at this church? Will the messages and classes challenge me?
  4. Can I help this church grow and serve God?

– Scott


3 thoughts on “Church Shopping?!

  1. I think people are looking for control of a process over which God is supposed to be Lord. Changing churches is a matter in which the Lord is supposed to have final say, and too often we make it about our choice and our wants.

  2. A church, first and foremost, should be dedicated to serving the Lord through Biblical truth and direction. That can take many forms, so after that, I think people looking for a church home should find areas where they are able to serve and not just be served by whatever ministries are available. Finally, I think a congregation who really loves one another and loves to teach the gospel to the lost is a deciding factor. It’s easy to see love after a few visits to a congregation and I believe it’s easy to gather information as to whether a church is active in teaching the gospel as well.

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