I’m Tired and I Wonder . . .

(Note: I posted this on FB last Friday and had a few shares and comments. I thought that I would post it on The Morning Drive so those that do not follow me on FB can understand my state of mind).


I am tired. I am frustrated. I am usually a positive person. At this moment I am positive that something has to change.

The US President, many in the Republican Party, and the leaders in the Democratic Party are not working toward solutions but are BOTH blaming the other and shouting at each other. Neither are listening. What ever happened to be quick to hear and slow to speak and slow to anger? This combative spirit trickles down (please excuse the Reaganomics reference) to many voters. I see your posts on social media. Instead of balanced views you post memes, fake reports, and accusations. Those who hold opposing views reply with quips, fake reports, and memes.

I see the same in non-political posts. I see it in societal issues, sports figures, advertising campaign reactions, kneeling, sittings, and standings. We jump to conclusions without talking. We have stopped trying to understand the point of view of others.

Because someone sees me as a Caucasian, nuclear family oriented, heterosexual, conservative, Christian minister, they presume to know how I vote(d) and they read into my replies (or silence) with unnecessary and sometimes incorrect references. Others see who they think you are and do the same.

  • Can we stop the polemics and return to civilized rhetoric?
  • Can we end diatribe and begin discourse?
  • Why do we have to communicate in ways that divide instead of endeavoring for peace?
  • What ever happened to love?
  • We do not always have to agree, but can we learn to get along anyway?

To those that are putting out well thought out and composed posts, thank you. I may not always agree with your conclusions and I may even offer an opposing view. But thank you for attempting to be fair and informed.

I was meeting with a group of men last Thursday morning for coffee and a Bible Talk concerning parts of the book of James. Someone shared this thought, “Jesus said, Love your neighbor as you love yourself, James talks about not showing partiality and being merciful toward others. What if we treated ourselves like we treat others? Would we like it?”

I wonder . . . I wonder if we really practiced loving and treating others the way we desire others to treat us . . . I wonder if putting Jesus’ words into practice might just make my smaller part of the world a better place. I wonder if that would work for you too?

– Scott

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