Staying Married

STaying MArried

A number of years ago I read a report about two weddings on the same day in India.  The brides wore traditional long veils and were hardly able to see, much less be seen behind the veil.  It was only when both ceremonies were over that each couple discovered they married the opposite’s intended (prearranged) spouse.  The village elders confirmed the marriages as binding and that nothing could be done to change the situation.  They were expected to remain married to the “wrong” person.  As sad as this seems, there is a reminder that, there is more to marriage than choosing the right person.  We can stay married even in tough relationships.  It will take work — both parties must work, but especially YOU.  The next few posts will be a few observations about making marriage work.

How to Stay Married

I Must Be Aware of and Determined to Cope with Change.  Marriage is still for better or worse.  A wedding for all of its pomp is easy compared with marriage.  Marriage takes continued work.  Young “starry-eyed” couples rarely think about the changes that occur through the years.  They should picture their intended permanently wheelchair bound.  Would you still love them> Picture them balding and overweight.  If her face became disfigured in an automobile accident, would you still dote on her?  Would you stand my as they became disabled by a disease or illness?

Those with lasting marriages are couples who determine beforehand to be what they should be when changes come.  They remember that TRUE LOVE never fails (1Co 13:4-8).  Love shows interest in the other party first.

Remember that Prince Charming will become an old man with hair that turns gray and what doesn’t turn gray turns loose.  He will have love handles, may even have to wear reading glasses, and no longer be able to easily bend over to put on your glass slipper.

Remember that Lady Fair will loose her figure.  She will get wrinkles, and her hair will become snow white.

These are part of the facts of life.  If you want to grow old together work now to cope as changes come.

– Scott

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