Closer to the Savior

typorama (002)“Closer to Thee, near to Thy side, Closer dear Lord, I would abide;

Hold me in Thy embrace, ‘neath every smile of grace,

Grant me, Thy child a place Closer to Thee.”

Those lyrics by Austin Taylor from 1911 are some of the most meaningful to me. The reflect the heart of a seeker. They remind me of many events in the life of the Christ. These lyrics describe how I want to be.

The Greeks wanted to see Jesus.  Parents brought their children to see and be near Jesus.  A woman with a disease physicians could not cure, wanted only to be near enough to Jesus to touch his garment.  There is something about Jesus that draws people in (John 12:32). Do you long to be closer to the Savior?

Here are SIX ways you and I can grow nearer to the Savior:

  1. Pray.  Take time each day to talk to the Father through His Son.
  2. Learn from Jesus.  Read the story of His life as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  3. Meditate, reflect on His life, His teachings, His mission, and His sacrifice.
  4. Sing His praise.
  5. Associate and assemble with His people on a regular basis.
  6. Be His child (Gal 3:26-27).

– Scott

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