Staying Married: Did you know?

Staying MArried (1)There was a young minister who was about to perform his first wedding ceremony. He asked the advice of an older preacher, “What if I get nervous and forget what I am supposed to say.”.

The older preacher tried to reassure the young man and encouraged him to put notes in his Bible. Then added, “if you do forget, quote the first scripture that you think of and make application like you do in any sermon.”

The young man left feeling better. Sure enough, during the ceremony, he became nervous, and looked at his notes, but he could not find where he was on the page. He remembered the advice and quickly quoted the first scripture that came to his mind, “Father, for give them for they know not what they do.” (insert groan here)

Most of us did not have a clue what we were getting into. We have to learn deal with change. Yet we also must learn to accept what cannot be changed.

Accept What Cannot Be Changed

After the thrill of the early years of marriage comes a stage some call “Realistic Love.” during this stage of marriage spouses sometimes grow frustrated because they cannot change the other person. Wise couples who want their marriages to last learn the secret of accepting what they cannot change in their marriages. Rather than burn all of their energy on frustrated manipulation of the other person, they use that energy to improve themselves.

An old proverb says: “Before marriage, keep both eyes open. After marriage, shut one!

– Scott

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