A Shout-out to Teachers



Bear with me a moment as I walk down memory lane, clear away a few cobwebs, and pull from the long forgotten files. As I am going to those files, I challenge you to do the same. Think about all those who have been your teachers. Thank them personally if you still can. Second only to your parents they are the people who helped you become who you are. If you were (are) homeschooled then they are not second to your parents they are your parents – so thank them twice.

Thank you, teachers!

Elementary School:

  • Mrs. Farley, Kindergarten – Escambia Christian School
  • Ms. Simon, 1st – ECS
  • Mrs. Johnson, 2nd – ECS
  • Ms. Ellis, 3rd – ECS
  • Mrs. Nelson, 4th – Sherwood Elementary School
  • Mrs. Gulsby, 5th – ECS

Middle School

  • Mrs. Reynolds, 6-8th Math and Science – ECS
  • Mr. Akers, 6-8th History and Bible – ECS
  • Mrs. Sprague, 6-8th English and Literature – ECS
  • Mr. Shcaffer, 6-8th Music – ECS

High School

  • To my Pine Forest High School teachers, there were so many of you, thank you all, But specifically these teachers had an impact on me:
  • Mrs. Gibson, Chorus, Music Appreciation
  • Mrs. Payne, Algebra I, II
  • Mr. Wilson, Chemistry
  • Mr. Hand, BSCS Biology
  • Mrs. Cantrell, A.P. Calculus
  • Mrs. Crumpton, Senior English (Writing)


  • Philip Sprayberry, Music, Chorus, Theatre
  • Dr. Kelly Morris, English
  • Dr. E.J. Turner, Sciences
  • Bro. Wendell Winkler, Bible, Hermeneutics, Sermon Prep, Expository Preaching
  • Dr. Cheatham, Bible, Church History, Greek, Research (Graduate Level)
  • Dr. Hilliard, Marriage and Family
  • Bro. Leonard Johnson, Bible
  • Bro. Eris Benson
  • Dr. Floyd Parker, New Covenant (Graduate Level)
  • Dr. Randall Bailey, Old Covenant (Graduate Level)
  • Bro. Paul Tarrence, Ministry, Sermon Prep & Delivery (Graduate Level)
  • And so many others.

Thank you for your lessons. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your influence. Thank you for caring.


Your Turn. Take time to thank your teachers today!

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