Historical Roots

roots 1In a recent conversation with Amy (or as her students call her, Mrs. McCown) she shared with me that psychologists in the field of childhood development say that children who know their family history such as who their parents are and how they met and who their grandparents are do better in life. I think it boils down to this question: If you do not know where you come from, do you really know who you are?

If you do not know where you are from, do you really know who you are?

Maybe the same can be said about a nation. Go back with me to April 18-19 1775. Solomon was eighteen years old on April 18, 1775 and was going to Lexington when he saw a group of nine British Officers.  He noticed that they were armed.  He quickly made his way to town and stopped at Munroe’s Tavern and reported his sighting to the Patriots gathered there. They dispersed to protect John Hancock and Samuel Adams and send young Solomon to Buckman’s Tavern where he repeats his sighting. Two others go with Solomon to scout the movements of the British Officers. But the Officers see them first and they are detained.

After taking Solomon and his companions’ horses and any muskets, they harshly interrogate them. Sometime around 2:00 a.m. two other Patriots join these detainees – a peddler and Paul Revere. After more questioning the officers return the horses and release the men.

Later on April 19, 1775, young Solomon Brown exchanges fire with British Soldiers in Lexington. Some think that Solomon may have fired the “Shot Heard ’round the World.”

Solomon’s older brother was also in Lexington that day standing with the Minute Men. Oliver Brown would go on to become a Captain in the Continental Army. He would be responsible for the at least two cannons as part of the Massachusetts Artillery Unit.  He would participate in a number of battles including, White Plains, Harlem Heights, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. He also commanded the volunteer party that pulled down the statue of King George from the New York Battery.

Capt. Oliver Brown’s daughter, Elizabeth married Robert Wylie. Their granddaughter, Mary Wylie married Sylvester McCown. Sylvester is my Great-Grandfather. I know some of my roots. I know my connections to the United States. My family shares this and other stories with each generation.

Yet, as important as family history may be what do we know about the history of faith?

Do we know the faith of those in the pages of Old Covenant Scripture? What do we know about Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, the Judges, the Kings of Judah and Israel, Elijah, Elisha, Michaiah, Jonah, and other prophets? Do we know the story of their faith?

Do we know the story of the apostles, Paul, and other early Christians? What do their struggles teach us about faith?

What is the history of your faith? What lead you to trust in God and Christ?


Historical Sources:

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