A Presidential Post

A quick “Google” search did not confirm nor deny the following story. Maybe I should call the History Detectives . . . But I digress.


James A. Garfield was a preacher, Civil War general, Congressman, Senator, ancestor of a friend I had in middle school, and the 20th President of the United States. History will never record the full impact of his presidency. President Garfield like Lincoln before him died at the hands of an assassin only six months into his term of office.

One story circulated about President Garfield concerns a group of party leaders coming by the White House to see him and discuss a bill they thought Congress should pass. Imagine their surprise that morning when the President said, he had an appointment that morning and could meet with them that afternoon.

According to the story the leaders inquired what appointment could be more important than this piece of legislation?

Garfield, the story claims, stood up and walked to the door, took his hat and cane in hand, and replied, “Gentleman, I have an appointment at the Lord’s table.” Then he left with Mrs. Garfield and went to a Sunday morning worship assembly not far from the capital.

True or not, maybe we can learn a lesson. Surely our activities and interests should not keep us from making the time to assemble with others to worship our Lord.


Post Script: Where are politicians with such a focus today? And where are the Christians in America?

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