Today for Today


Sometimes I fall into the habit of failing to appreciate the present.  Sometimes I reflect too much time on the past when it was “the good ol’ days.”  At other times I focus my attention to the future when things will be better, and I will have more to appreciate.  I also regret the past and find myself anxious about the future.

I think you probably do too.

We need to learn to live one day at a time, to seize the day while it is today:

  •  There are opportunities to serve – TODAY.
  • There are people to encourage – TODAY.
  • There are blessings from God to enjoy – TODAY.

Forget about yesterday.  Do not wait until tomorrow.  Decide what type of person you want to be TODAY!

Everyday we live there are opportunities and blessings.  Everyday we live is a day to enjoy.  The Hebrew writer quotes the same phrase from Psalms three times in two chapters, “Today if you hear His voice . . .”  In the middle of those quotes in Hebrew 3:13 he says, “But exhort one another everyday, as long as it is called, “today,” . . . “

  • Take time to serve someone in some small or grand way – TODAY.
  • Take time to show someone appreciation – TODAY.
  • Take time to reflect on God’s blessings – TODAY.

What will you do with today?

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