One Stormy Summer

This summer will go down in my life as a stormy one.  I have seen many people in my life fighting for their life. I watched the news that seemed to come everyday about law enforcement using what in some instances seemed unnecessary force followed by the next story of angry individuals and groups murdering law enforcement officers in retaliation. Then there are the reports of terrorist attacks at home and abroad. We cannot forget the turmoil that a Presidential election year brings to the United States and the mudslinging, accusatory bantering that accompanies politics.

This is also the summer that my family learned that my younger brother has a fight on his hands as he battles a malignant brain tumor. He is having bad days and good days.  He is taking a positive approach to his diagnosis and treatments relying heavily on prayer and faith.

Through this summer there are a number of songs that are keeping me focused. One such song is Eye of the Storm:


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