Ten Rules for Life

Like many of you, I have been doing a whole lot of thinking about our current culture of 10mistrust, violence, hate, and prejudice. I honestly feel sorry for society. Many have seemingly lost hope. Many are acting in ways that are only exacerbating this volatile climate.

While what I am about to share is not perfect, I find these ten rule helpful.  They are in many ways the rules that I use to guide my life. I think they work.  I do know that I have any enemies. I think I am well trusted and liked. I have not been in any real fights since that one time at the bus stop in 4th grade unless that time the principal saw me in a one hit fight with my best friend in 8th grade – while I am on the subject, I am really sorry I hit your jaw that hard. Back to this list of rules. The point is that they are working for me and I have a really good life.

Ten Rules for My Life!

  1. Respect the Creator and His Word.
  2. Love your family.
  3. Love your neighbor.
  4. Work hard at what you are doing.
  5. Respect authority
  6. When in authority – respect those under your authority
  7. Laugh often.
  8. Be honest – to a fault.
  9. Try something new when you have the opportunity.
  10. Be an example of what is right, even if you think no one is watching.


BTW – I am sure others have said similar things. Any similarity is simply because I learn from others and incorporate what I learn into my life.


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