What Does the Bible Say?

This morning on my drive to the study, I was listening to WDJC 93.7 FM. They play ipad 016Contemporary Christian Music and have religious discussions and questions on air. I find this much better than the other music I used to listen too.

The hosts – Roxanne and Chris – asked a simple question to us listeners this morning;

“What’s the main message we should take away from the Bible?”

I did not have the opportunity to call – I was driving, and by the time I arrived at the study they were on to the next topic.  I did take time to offer a quick answer on their Facebook page.

The Message of the Bible.

The Bible is the message of the Mission of God. What a wonderful start – “In the beginning God . . .” It tells us of our Creator and Sustainer who is benevolent and compassionate, who longs to walk in fellowship with His creation. But we sin and that sin separates us from a completely holy and righteous God. Yet, God has a way to redeem His creation (Gen 3:15 – the seed of woman (Messiah – Christ) who will deal a crushing blow to the tempter).

The Old Covenant prepares a people who will be the nation that the Messiah is born into. That Messiah. The prophets point to the coming of this Messiah.

The Gospel accounts tell of His coming, Acts gives us the history of the Messiah’s new kingdom – not Israel, but the Church. The epistles of Paul, Peter, John, James, and the Hebrew writer tell us of this kingdom and how to live in it. Paul spells out the message o the Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 – God through Christ was reconciling us to Himself, God made the one who had not sin to become sin so that we (His creation) might become the righteousness of God in Christ..

The Bible concludes with the message of the Christ’s return when He gives the Kingdom over to God and we – those who overcome in Christ – will have an eternal home in the perfect Paradise of Heaven where we will again have full fellowship with God as intended in the Garden before we rebelled against God.


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