Our Refuge

This year as our young people participate in SELTC (South Eastern Leadership Training for Christ) they will focus their projects and lessons on the theme of Refuge.

Yesterday afternoon I began mentoring one of the young participants who is building a PowerPoint / Keynote / Prezi style presentation.  She is planning to build a presentation that includes songs and slides for a sermon.  She does not have to write the sermon, but build a presentation for it.  I did some research in my files, on my computer, and online to find a simple lesson for her to build a presentation for.  During that research I found a list demonstrating the Cities of Refuge as the type to Christ as the antitype. That find occupies my thoughts this morning, so I want to share it with you.

  • The Cities of Refuge were easy to find. Christ is easy to find, His story is the focus of the Bible.
  • The Cities of Refuge were always open. Christ is always available to the one searching for Him.
  • The Cities of Refuge were in high places (lifted high). Christ was lifted high on the cross for all to see. He is exalted high by the Father.
  • The Cities of Refuge provided protection for those who left all behind. Followers of Christ are to deny themselves, to leave their old life to be a disciple.
  • The Cities of Refuge only protected (sheltered) those who remained in them. Christ forgives and shelters those who remain in Him.
  • The Cities of Refuge were the manslayer’ s only place of safety. There is no other name under heaven other than Christ for salvation.
  • The Cities of Refuge were open to all. Christ is for all mankind.
  • The Cities of Refuge provided life’s necessities. In Christ we have life now and eternally.

What would you add?

  • Scott

2 thoughts on “Our Refuge

    • I looked at so much yesterday, I wish I could tell you where I saw this. I was jotting down thought after thought and neglected to cite the source. he had several other observations. These were the best – what I thought were the best.

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