Found in the Files: Sharing Christ

Looking for an illustration in the “Hard Copy Files” I ran across this poem that I forgot I held onto.  It reminded me of who we are and what we are to be about as citizens of God’s kingdom.

Sharing Christ

By Serena Voss

“Lead me to some soul . . . “ we sang

And all week long that message rang.

Inside my head and heart, I prayed

“Lord, who could I reach for You today?”

Just at that moment my neighbor walked by

and I said to myself, “Okay, I’ll try.

But first I need time to study and rehearse

To make sure I know book, chapter, and verse.”


Then armed with my proof texts and Bible outlines,

I approached her to study and she said, “That’s fine.”

The verses poured out in a steady stream

Doctrinal purity was my theme.

Besides, many claim to follow Christ

But they do it man’s way, thinking that will suffice.


Well, after the session was nearly through,

I said, “Have questions?” She said, “Just a few.”

“It’s obvious you know your Bible quite well;

You’ve talked about heaven and touched on Hell.

You’ve even shown that the Bible is true.

But you haven’t yet told me what Christ means to you.

How is your life different? How do you cope?

Is there any real joy or any real hope?”


I stared at my outlines, then put them away,

And I changed and shared gently the man called the Way

As that simple old story began to shine through

My friend came to know Jesus, not the WHAT, but the WHO.

My we lead people to know Jesus by our words and by our walk of faith.

  • Scott

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