How to Study The Bible Pt 3 – Learning from Narrative

If you have ever been a part of classes I teach, when I teach a narrative passage you are familiar with these questions. They work great in individual study as well.

Driving Thought


If the Bible is worthy reading and studying, we owe it to ourselves to know how to best study.  If the Bible is our guide to getting to know God and how to be faithful to Him, we definitely need to understand what we are studying.  Through this series of posts, we are striving to help all of us learn and grow as we take the Word of God to heart.  This is the third lesson in this series: you can find Part ONE here and Part TWO here.

Today, I want us to look at the genre of narrative or story.  The Bible contains a lot of narratives.  The books of Genesis, Exodus, Kings, Chronicles, Job, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, Nehemiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts (and many others) all contain narrative and are mostly narrative.  How can we learn from stories about other people?  How can…

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