How to Study the Bible Pt 2: Context

Again, because a few people are asking, I am re-blogging this short series on How to Study the Bible. Have a great day. Learn from God. Keep praying and keep studying.

Driving Thought

“Context is key.”  I can still hear my instructors and professors in my Bible classes atipad 016 Faulkner University saying that over and over and over.  They are right, “Context is key!”  Anyone can take a single verse or a collection of verses from the Bible and make a point.  The point or lesson may or may not be valid or worse even an accurate observation. Critics of the Bible are good at pulling various verses out of context to attempt to disprove the Bible. Those of us who claim to be Christians can also be guilty of pulling verses out of context to prove our arguments.

What follows is an example that I am using to show how someone can misuse the Bible.  It is an extreme example of pretexting or eisegesis.  (** WARNING  **  What you are about to read is incorrect, even if the words are straight…

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