How to Study the Bible Part 1 – Read

One of the questions often asked to ministers is, “How can I study the Bible better?” Here is an answer I gave to a young lady that asked that question a couple of years ago:

Driving Thought

A few weeks before I took my break from posting, a regular reader asked if I could write about how to study the Bible. They said, as a young adult they are used to studying (cramming) for tests in college and often  they find themselves studying the Bible in a similar way. They study for Bible Class, study for Bible Bowl, study so they could prove a point to their friends or even parents, so like many of us, they feel like they are “hit and miss” with their Bible study. So the question remains, how does one study the Bible?

Start by simply reading the Bible the way you would any book. This starts by purchasing a Bible you will read.  Some versions are more cumbersome than others by virtue of the style of language.  Find a version that you can easily read, then:

  • Read in canonical order, that…

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