Upward Righteousness

Last night was our third lesson in our Summer Series on Uplifting Messages from the Sermon on the Mount. Ted Burleson from the Hamilton Church of Christ spoke to us about Upward Righteousness. Below are the notes I took on my iPad as he spoke. Pay special attention to the seven questions at the end. They are what we are typically more concerned about than we are our righteousness.

1. To have upward righteousness, we must hunger and thirst to live lives pleasing to God. Mat 5:6

2. We must be willing to be persecuted because we live for God. Mat 5:10

3. We must obey God which will allow us to enter heaven. Mat 5:20
Rom 10:3
Phil 3:9

4. Our primary daily concern is to live for God and His Kingdom (church). Mat 6:33
How do I look?
How do my clothes fit?
How does my car look?
How does my career compare with others?
Do I feel sexually attractive?
Am I happy?
What does my future look l like?


2 thoughts on “Upward Righteousness

  1. That sounds like a good lesson. I take it the questions in 4 are the kind of questions we ask ourselves, when we should be asking something like, How much like God do I look today?

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