How to Stay Married pt 5

This is our fifth and final installment in the How To Stay Married series. We will still look at marriage on Mondays for a while, but will change the title and focus. Last week we looked at the need to commit to a permanent relationship in marriage. This week I want you to see that last week and all the weeks before rely on the centrality of this week’s observation. For my marriage to stay strong my spouse and I must commit not only to each other, but also and primarily to God with all our heart.

Commit to God with ALL your Heart.

Authentic Christian faith makes all the difference in the world in every aspect of our marriage. Faith helps us cope with change. Faith helps me accept what I cannot change. A solid faith helps trains us to value the other more than self. A loveless or affection less marriage is one where one or both partners are focused on self and not the other. Solid faith in God through Christ makes marriage permanent. Amy knows I will not leave her because she knows I love her, but she also knows that I love God and would never do anything to intentionally damage or hurt my relationship with Him and therefore with her. That is the type of security in marriage that authentic faith can bring.

– Scott


My Parents – Brian and Anna 52 years and counting!

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