Parents: How Well Do you Listen?

“Mom’s taking another picture, pretend we are talking.”

Last weekend we went to see the Pixar release – Brave.  The story is about a Scottish princess whose mother is trying to train her to be she thinks a princess should be – refined.  But this young lady does not want that.  She wants to be free, she wants to make her own decisions.  There is a point in the movie when these two have a major altercation.  The mom explains to her husband that she just wants her daughter to listen.  The daughter complains to her horse that she wishes her mom would just listen to her.

Parents, how well do you listen to your children?

Last night we attended a Vacation Bible School in Northport, Alabama.  Drew Taylor spoke to the adult class and gave a great outline on the importance of listening to God’s instruction.  He gave us the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of listening to God and then helped us see How to listen to God.  The first three points of how to listen to God apply to parents listening to children (and children listening to parents).

How to Listen to Your Children:

  1. Listen with Enthusiasm.  Be genuinely interested in what they have to say.  Show by your reply that you are at the very least happy they told you.  Even better would be to demonstrate interest by asking for more details or how they feel about what they are telling you.
  2. Listen with Focus.  Close your book, turn down (or off) the TV, put down the paper or magazine, and turn away from the computer and listen, really listen to what they say.  Take in all the words and details.  Look at them, if they are small, sit them on your lap of get down on their level (physically) so you can see each other eye to eye.
  3. Listen with Intent.  Listen so that you can help them if they have a problem or project they need help with.  Listen to communicate their importance to you and your love for them.  Just listen!

– Scott

Oh, by the way, isn’t this how we want God to listen to us when we pray?

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