How to Stay Pure

Yesterday we looked at the dangers of sexual intimacy before (and outside of) marriage? As promised, today I want to share some advice on how you can stay pure. There are three simple parts to this advice.

1. Protect your mind. Both the eye gate and the ear gate are important. Treat pornography and explicit literature (and music) as if the are gateway drugs. In reality they are a gateway to the mind that often leads to acting on the thoughts and images they embed in your mind.

2. Decide in advance, that is to say, have a predetermined decision to stay pure! Do not wait until you are facing temptation to make a decision. Make the decision NOW to choose to avoid, no run away from, sexual immorality!

3. Don’t date anyone that does not follow the same decision. Remember that Paul says, “Evil companions corrupt good morals” and “do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.“. Choose who you are close to and intellectually and emotionally involved with very carefully.

Maybe you are already active in this area of immorality and are thinking that it is too late. May I remind you of the words of Jesus to a woman others caught in the very act, “Go . . . and sin no more.

– Scott


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