Dangers of Pre-Marital Sexual Intimacy

Tuesday I attended a lecture on “Marriage is Honorable” given by Ed Smith of Amridge University.  In discussing the honor and place of marriage and sexual intimacy in marriage he gave a brief outline of five dangers of such intimacy outside of marriage.  Here is his outline:

  1. Premarital sexual intimacy is COUNTERFEIT LOVE.  It will not last.  You will not grow together intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually if the relationship moves to sexual intercourse before the maturity of marriage.
  2. There are Emotional Consequences to premarital intercourse.  He mentioned studies that demonstrate many emotional problems in adolescence and young adults that result from premarital sexual intimacy.
  3. There are Physical Consequences to premarital intercourse.  Of course the probability of pregnancy is just one.  The other consequences include the five (5) incurable std’s caused by sexual immorality.  When you are sexually active with someone, if they had other partners before you, by default you are involved with them and all those that they were involved with before they were with your partner and so on.  Diseases pas through all those contacts.
  4.  There are Marital Consequences to premarital sexuality.  You bring extra baggage into a relationship that is already difficult.  How can each spouse know the other will be faithful if they could not wait until marriage? And what if “I am not as good as the others before me?”
  5. There are Spiritual Consequences to premarital intimacy.  Yes, God will forgive, but even in forgiveness the consequences of our actions often remain.  Remember, the sword did not depart from David’s house.

Tomorrow we will look at “How to Stay Pure.”

– Scott

2 thoughts on “Dangers of Pre-Marital Sexual Intimacy

  1. Josh McDowell had a great book called “Why Wait?” (It was renamed, but I can’t remember the new name) He laid out lots of excellent reasons for abstinence.

    One that I remember is that sexual relations outside of marriage create bonds that shouldn’t exist. (similar to some of the above points, but slightly different) We don’t take seriously “the two become one” aspect of sex. Intimate relations can lead a couple to maintain a relationship that has no business continuing.

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