Marriage Protection Monday

I am calling today Marriage Protection Monday and I would like to hear from you. What do you and your spouse do to protect your marriage? To start off our discussion, here are six things to remember that I believe will help protect your marriage. I will leave the practical application to you. Please take a moment to share your advice in the comments.

1. Remember the Priority of Marriage. Your marriage is your most important relationship. Trumping your parents and your children.

2. Remember the Preciousness of Marriage. The Hebrew writer says marriage is honored by all.

3. Remember the Price of Marriage. There is a leaving before there is cleaving. There are sacrifices to make if your marriage is to be the best it can be.

4. Remember the Purity of Marriage. One man and one woman for LIFE!

5. Remember the Passion in Marriage. Do not stop courting, flirting, and holding hands. Keep the passion alive.

6. Remember the Power of Marriage. The wise man reminds us that two are better than one. This is especially true when the two become one.

– Scott


8 thoughts on “Marriage Protection Monday

  1. Once something is forgiven it’s forgotten. We’ve found that by fixing our mistakes and then moving on keeps us from bring up old wounds. We also start each day with a hug and a kiss.

    • I believe our marriage is stronger than ever. OH sure we have ups and downs but nothing we don’t work out. Ray still works nights and I call him every night and we NEVER end conversation with out ” I love yous ” WE still hug and even kiss in public. NOT those kind Scott…LOL We hold hands in public but most of I want him to know he is still the only man in my life and try to express it daily. We can say I love you everyday and we do but sometimes those are just words for some. Mean it when you say it.

  2. I have never forgot some advice I received from the writer of this blog. Give 100% and expect nothing in return. We do for each other because we want to show our love with no strings attached. I guess it goes along with the idea of sacrifice.

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