101 Ways to Build a Contagious Church #21-40

Here is the second set of twenty ways to build a contagious congregation.

The building where I Obeyed the Gospel

21. Listen to others with more than your ears.

22. Put service opportunities in front of members.

23. Make every member feel important.

24. Make every member feel accepted.

25. Give leadership responsibilities to as many people as possible.

26. Work as a team.

27. Encourage members to attend workshops.

28. Pay for Elders, Deacons, and Preachers to attend workshops.

29. Publish and interesting bulletin

30. Use modern tools to communicate.

31. Always use the best available equipment.

32. Communicate.

33. Communicate again.

34. Keep involvement active.

35. Involve every new member.

36. Train leaders.

37. Make books, magazines, etc. for growth available to members.

38. Make growth possibilities available.

39. Send a note of appreciation to Elders, Deacons, Preachers, and Teachers.

40. Host a fellowship in your home.

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