Health Warning

Every day you hear warnings about medicines, chemicals, and other environmental hazards to your health.  Recently, the largest city in the micropolitan (yes “micro”politan) area I live in passed a no-smoking policy in restaurants and other public buildings citing “community health” reasons.  I personally applaud their decision.  I can now enjoy a few restaurants that I previously refused to visit. This is why this is a good idea in my opinion; I like smoked meat but I prefer hickory smoke over tobacco smoke.  I share this because I recently heard about another chemical in our environment that is very harmful.  I want to jump start research that will evaluate whether our government should step up and lead the ban on this danger.

This chemical is responsible for the corrosion of National Monuments.  It is a major contributor to the destruction of our Naval Fleet and Air Force Armaments (I saw evidence of the power of this chemical on a recent tour of a battleship).  Because this chemical is dangerous to our homes, buildings, and national defense it drains our economy as these items need repairs and replacing.  This chemical can also cause major damage to electronic and to our communication grid.  I recently had to have a service technician come to my study to repair the lines bringing DSL to my computers so I could continue to work.  Could you imagine the catastrophe an enemy could cause if they used this chemical against us in a time of war?

Not only is this chemical dangerous to our advancing technology, it is also responsible for many deaths.  According to WHO (World Health Organization) there are nearly 400,000 deaths annually due to accidental over-exposure to this chemical.  The cost of these deaths to the United States alone is approximately $273,ooo,ooo.  Again, look at the drain on our economy.  Death from this chemical may occur when breathed into our lungs and if ingested in large amounts.

This chemical is dihydrogen-oxide (H2O – water). 

Please, understand that I am being somewhat facetious as dangerous as water is; we cannot live without it.  I do have a point to this.  Whether in earth science, medical science, or any other field of study, we must have all the information to come to valid conclusion.  The same goes true for what we hear about others and God.

Maybe that is why Paul tells Timothy to “be diligent” to study to ensure he is following God (cf. 2 Tim 2:15).  Maybe that is why Luke records that the Bereans were more noble minded than others because they searched (studied) the scriptures (cf. Acts 17:11).  Maybe that is why there are so many warnings in scripture about gossiping and tale-bearing.  Maybe that is why James warns us about how we use our tongues (cf. Jas 3).  Maybe?!

– Scott

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